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What Makes Jim Ed Brown Different

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Jim Ed Brown Consulting

What I've learned observing Jim Ed Brown

By frances Trow-Brown


Mr. Brown has been advisor to elite organizations & investors, including:

  • Independent American Savings, Dallas, TX ~ Income Enhancement & Hedging $600 Million Treasury Bond Portfolio
  • Indiana National Bank, Evansville, IN ~ 14 Bank $700 Million Acquisition
  • Banco Santander, Madrid, Spain, San Juan, Puerto Rico Branch ~ $20 Million Loan Divestiture
  • Financial Tribunal Government Council, Panama City, Panama ~ $20 Million Loan Acquisition
  • Sam Walton, Walmart, Bentonville, AR ~ New Rural Store Location Strategies
  • Georgia-Pacific, Inc., Crossett, AR ~ Leasing Land to Grow Timber
  • Sir James Goldsmith & John Burton Tigrett, Memphis, TN ~ 100,000 Hector Land Lease from Brazil
  • Silvicraft, Inc., Monticello, AR ~ $10 Million Land & Timber Acquisitions

Mr. Brown can perform successfully in industries and market sectors, which he has little, or no experience and knowledge.  It is not unusual for him to identify opportunities that have been overlooked by very smart and competent C-Level Executives.  He has been identified as one out of every 225 million people that have his level of ability to identify overlooked opportunities, build & lead teams, design successful market & business concepts and smoothly execute his strategies.

  • Natural Resource
  • Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • We Locate, Evaluate & Procure Buyers & Sellers of  Natural Resource Assets that have Higher Returns & Less Risk

"...creating more profit with less time, money & risk"

JEBCON ~ Jim Ed Brown Consulting

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